Charming, Fun & Entertaining!

Michael Wald's strolling magic is perfect for receptions, Bar-Mitzvahs, cocktail parties, reunions, or to help celebrate any happy occasion.  Your guests will be delighted as Michael wanders through the crowd weaving magic and fun into your event.  It is the perfect way to start a function and ensure that your guests feel immediately welcomed.

Michael is able to stroll throughout the party, working entirely with objects from his pockets.  This intimate style of performance allows the flow of the party to move uninterrupted and serves as an excellent ice breaker.  It is the perfect way to entertain your guests while they are enjoying cocktails, waiting for their meals, or simply looking for something to do.  

More than anything else, Michael Wald will bring small groups of people together while also keeping them laughing.  His walk-around performance is designed to engage, amaze and, above all, entertain.  It will create a wonderful lasting memory of your event and let your guests know that you did something especially for them. 

You will be delighted with Michael Wald’s presentation … Guaranteed.